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Extreme early-onset hypertension v1.14 MTX2 Ivone Leong Classified gene: MTX2 as Green List (high evidence)
Extreme early-onset hypertension v1.14 MTX2 Ivone Leong Gene: mtx2 has been classified as Green List (High Evidence).
Extreme early-onset hypertension v1.13 MTX2 Ivone Leong gene: MTX2 was added
gene: MTX2 was added to Extreme early-onset hypertension. Sources: Expert Review,Literature
Mode of inheritance for gene: MTX2 was set to BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal
Publications for gene: MTX2 were set to 32917887
Phenotypes for gene: MTX2 were set to Mandibuloacral dysplasia; lipodystrophy; arterial calcification; severe hypertension
Review for gene: MTX2 was set to GREEN
Added comment: The Genomics England Clinical Team suggested that this gene should be added to this panel as severe hypertension is a phenotype. Therefore, this gene has been given a Green rating.

Review from Zornitza Stark on the Lipodystrophy - childhood onset:
"Seven individuals from 5 unrelated families reported with severe progeroid form of MAD with growth retardation, small viscerocranium with mandibular underdevelopment, distal acro-osteolyses, lipodystrophy, altered skin pigmentation, renal focal glomerulosclerosis, and extremely severe hypertension in most cases, eventually associated with disseminated arterial calcification. Loss of MTX2 in patients' primary fibroblasts led to loss of Metaxin-1 (MTX1) and mitochondrial dysfunction, including network fragmentation and oxidative phosphorylation impairment. Furthermore, patients' fibroblasts were resistant to induced apoptosis, leading to increased cell senescence and mitophagy and reduced proliferation. Sources: Literature
Zornitza Stark (Australian Genomics), 5 Oct 2020"
Sources: Literature, Expert Review
Created: 13 Nov 2020, 1:32 p.m.
Sources: Expert Review, Literature