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Limb disorders v0.270 SEM1 Louise Daugherty edited their review of gene: SEM1: Added comment: Agree with Red rating,Originally submitted as DSS1 by external reviewer (not SHFM1), the new HGNC-approved symbol is SEM1. Although Split-hand/foot malformation-1 (disease acronym and previous gene symbol SHFM1) is a relevant phenotype to the Limb panel, Split-hand/foot malformation-1 represents a contiguous gene syndrome caused by deletion, duplication, or rearrangement of chromosome 7q21.3 involving the DSS1 (new gene symbol SEM1), DLX5, and DLX6 genes and possible regulatory elements in the region. Evidence exists that SHFM1 can also be caused by heterozygous mutation in the DLX5 gene. This is not a monogeneic disorder.; Changed phenotypes: Split hand/foot malformation 1, 183600; Changed mode of inheritance: MONOALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal, imprinted status unknown
Limb disorders DLX5 Louise Daugherty reviewed DLX5
Limb disorders DLX5 Ellen McDonagh Added gene to panel