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Hereditary neuropathy v1.63 MRE11 Louise Daugherty edited their review of gene: MRE11: Added comment: Review and rating submitted by Natalie Forrester (SWGLH - Bristol Genetics) on behalf of South West GLH for GMS Neurology specialist test group.; Changed rating: AMBER
Hereditary neuropathy v1.60 MRE11 Louise Daugherty Added phenotypes Hereditary Neuropathies for gene: MRE11
Hereditary neuropathy v1.58 MRE11 Natalie Forrester reviewed gene: MRE11: Rating: RED; Mode of pathogenicity: ; Publications: ; Phenotypes: Hereditary Neuropathies; Mode of inheritance:
Hereditary neuropathy v1.57 MRE11 Louise Daugherty Source NHS GMS was added to MRE11.
Hereditary neuropathy v1.56 MRE11 Louise Daugherty Source South West GLH was added to MRE11.
Hereditary neuropathy MRE11A Louise Daugherty commented on MRE11A