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12 December 2019

This panel has been created as a placeholder for a new panel in development.

This panel is used for clinical indication 'R238 Neonatal erythroderma' in the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

Further information on the testing criteria and any overlapping clinical indications can be found within ( under 'R238 Neonatal erythroderma'.

The content of this panel is overseen by the NHS Genomic Medicine Service governance. In addition to the evidence for a gene:disease association, this requires consideration of technical aspects regarding the assay(s) available.

If this panel is not being delivered by WGS, CNVs and STRs may not be routinely included in the analysis. Please contact your local Genomic Laboratory Hub for information regarding specific queries.

This panel is also a constituent panel of super panel 'Skin disorders'. Changes made to this panel will automatically be updated in the relevant super panel(s).

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