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Familial melanoma v0.23 TERF2IP Ivone Leong commented on gene: TERF2IP
Familial melanoma v0.9 TERF2IP Ivone Leong Classified gene: TERF2IP as Amber List (moderate evidence)
Familial melanoma v0.9 TERF2IP Ivone Leong Gene: terf2ip has been classified as Amber List (Moderate Evidence).
Familial melanoma v0.3 TERF2IP Lara Hawkes reviewed gene: TERF2IP: Rating: AMBER; Mode of pathogenicity: ; Publications: ; Phenotypes: ; Mode of inheritance:
Familial melanoma v0.2 TERF2IP Ivone Leong gene: TERF2IP was added
gene: TERF2IP was added to Familial melanoma. Sources: NHS GMS
Mode of inheritance for gene: TERF2IP was set to