Familial Neural Tube Defects

Gene: HPE1

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HPE1 (holoprosencephaly 1, alobar)
OMIM: 236100, Gene2Phenotype
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Louise Daugherty (Genomics England Curator)

Comment on list classification: demoted to Grey, this is a phenotype locus type symbol
Created: 16 Aug 2017, 10:44 a.m.

Ellen McDonagh (Genomics England Curator)

Added tag to explain why there is no Ensembl gene ID for this entity.
Created: 6 Jan 2017, 3:34 p.m.


  • Expert Review Removed
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  • Holoprosencephaly
locus-type-phenotype-only ensembl_ids_known_missing curated_removed
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26 Feb 2021, Gel status: 0

Added Tag

Arina Puzriakova (Genomics England Curator)

Tag curated_removed tag was added to gene: HPE1.

8 Jul 2020, Gel status: 0

Added Tag

Eleanor Williams (Genomics England Curator)

Tag ensembl_ids_known_missing tag was added to gene: HPE1.

16 Aug 2017, Gel status: 0

Gene classified by Genomics England curator

Louise Daugherty (Genomics England Curator)

This gene has been removed from the panel.

25 Oct 2016, Gel status: 0

panel promoted to version 1

Ellen McDonagh (Genomics England Curator)

25th Oct 2016: This panel was discussed internally, and as Neural tube defects (NTDs) are common multifactorial disorders caused by multiple genes and environmental factors, all genes on this panel should be considered red at this stage. Ready to promote to Version 1.

22 Sep 2016, Gel status: 0

Added New Source

Olivia Niblock (Genomics England Curator)

HPE1 was added to Familial Neural Tube Defectspanel. Sources: Other

22 Sep 2016, Gel status: 0


Olivia Niblock (Genomics England Curator)

HPE1 was created by oniblock