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Possible mitochondrial disorder - nuclear genes


Red List (low evidence)

HMGCL (3-hydroxymethyl-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase)
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh38): ENSG00000117305
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh37): ENSG00000117305
OMIM: 613898, Gene2Phenotype
HMGCL is in 12 panels

2 reviews

Ivone Leong (Genomics England Curator)

Red List (low evidence)

Initial gene list and info collated by Carl Fratter (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust) January 2019 on behalf of the GMS Mitochondrial specialist test group.
Created: 4 Feb 2019, 1:36 p.m.

Mode of inheritance
BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal

HMG-CoA lyase deficiency, 246450

Louise Daugherty (Genomics England Curator)

Green List (high evidence)

Added from Intellectual disability panel update as this gene is also relevant to theMitochondrial disorders panel. This is a Confirmed disease gene in Developmental Disorders Genotype-Phenotype Database (DDG2P) for 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase deficiency. Grunert (2017) PMID: 28583327 reviewed the clinical presentation and outcome in a series of 37 patients with HMGCLD. 10 had no further metabolic decompensations after diagnosis, and 22 had at least one more metabolic crisis, most often associated with infections, especially gastroenteritis or respiratory tract infections. Half of the patients had normal cognitive development, and the remainder had psychomotor deficits of variable severity.
Created: 18 Dec 2017, 4:15 p.m.

Mode of inheritance
BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal

HMG-CoA lyase deficiency, 246450; 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase deficiency; HMGCLD; intellectual disability


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11 Feb 2021, Gel status: 1

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Arina Puzriakova (Genomics England Curator)

Source: Expert Review Green was removed from gene: HMGCL

4 Feb 2019, Gel status: 1

Created, Added New Source, Set mode of inheritance, Set Phenotypes

Ivone Leong (Genomics England Curator)

gene: HMGCL was added gene: HMGCL was added to Possible mitochondrial disorder - nuclear genes. Sources: Expert Review Red,NHS GMS Mode of inheritance for gene: HMGCL was set to BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal Phenotypes for gene: HMGCL were set to HMG-CoA lyase deficiency, 246450