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Intellectual disability

Gene: ZBTB11

Amber List (moderate evidence)

ZBTB11 (zinc finger and BTB domain containing 11)
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh38): ENSG00000066422
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh37): ENSG00000066422
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Catherine Snow (Genomics England)

Comment on list classification: ZBTB11 was added to the ID panel and rated Amber by Konstantinos Varvagiannis based on literature evidence PMID:29893856. This paper describes 9 individuals from 2 broader consanguineous families all with moderate ID. There is some functional work including zebrafish models.
ZBTB11 is in OMIM based upon this paper, but currently not reported in Gene2Phenotype.
Two families identified, as our guidelines, this will be rated as Amber.
Created: 23 May 2019, 3:23 p.m. | Last Modified: 16 Jul 2019, 10:35 a.m.
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Konstantinos Varvagiannis (Other)

I don't know

Fattahi et al. (PMID: 29893856) report on 9 individuals from 2 broader consanguineous pedigrees with biallelic ZBTB11 mutations.

Features in the first family (from Iran) consisted of moderate ID, microcephaly, ataxic gait, and spasticity with MRI findings of cerebellar atrophy and ventriculomegaly.

Individuals from the second family (from Pakistan) presented with moderate ID and variable features.

Homozygosity for missense ZBTB11 variants, private to each family was shown (NM_014415.3:c.2185C>T / p.H729Y and c.2640T>G / p.H880Q for the first and second family respectively).

As the authors note, ZBTB11 is predicted to be a zinc finger transcriptional regulator and one of the hypotheses emitted suggests possible disruption of DNA binding.

Functional studies performed demonstrated that the mutant proteins were excluded from the nucleolus where the (wt) protein localizes.

Previous zebrafish models (PMID: 28382966) suggested CNS degeneration among other phenotypes in Zbtb11 mutants.

Knockdown of the drosophila ZBTB11-ortholog (CkIIα-i1) resulted in recognizable shrinking of the mushroom body with significant reduction in the number of neurons compared to controls.

Other Zinc Finger and BTB Domain-Containing proteins cause disorders with ID as a prominent feature (eg. ZBTB16, ZBTB20, etc.).

ZBTB11 is not associated with any phenotype in OMIM nor in G2P.

As a result, this gene can be considered for inclusion in this panel probably as amber (2 pedigrees only) or green (given the supportive functional studies).
Sources: Literature
Created: 16 Dec 2018, 1:27 p.m.

Mode of inheritance
BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal

Intellectual disability



Mode of Inheritance
BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal
  • Expert Review Amber
  • Expert Review
  • Expert Review Amber
  • Expert Review
  • Intellectual developmental disorder, autosomal recessive 69, 618383
  • Intellectual disability
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Konstantinos Varvagiannis (Other)

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